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Info about company history, brand, size, staff and locations will all help us understand what you’re all about. Include a summary on the services or products you provide.
Try your best to describe the type of people that the website is targeted at. Describe what your ideal client looks like. This will help us design a site geared towards those exact people.
Who are your main competitors? We can look at what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. Some may have particular areas of interest i.e. key functionality. Which sites have great designs that you like? Take a look at things like layout, colour schemes, typography, photography, and unique tools or features.
Will you be providing new content for the site? If so, it will be a good idea at this point to plot a rough sitemap in your brief. How many pages will there be in total? What photography, illustrations or graphics are currently available?

Workflow Process

  • Plan: Client Discovery, Requirements, Project Outline, Site Map

  • Design: Visual Layout, Review and Approve Cycle

  • Develop: Framework, Content, Integration, Testing

  • Launch: Polishing, Live Domain Transfer, Testing & Cross Browser Check

  • Maintain: Regular Site Maintenance including Plug-In Updates, WordPress Software Updates, PHP updates, and Fresh Content.
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Online Snapshot Report

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